National Fire Agency 1991 Safety Bulletin Board
  1. The Safety Bulletin Board has been set up by the National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior (hereinafter referred to as the NFA) for the purpose of allowing the public to provide safety updates.

  2. The 1991 Safety Bulletin Board, based on the use guidelines provided herein, offers Safety Bulletin Board services (hereinafter referred to as the services). When using this service, users are deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to all the contents in the use guidelines. The NFA reserves the right to modify or change the contents specified in the use guidelines. If the user does not agree to any of the contents in the use guidelines, or the user’s country or region is excluded from the user guidelines in whole or in part, the user should immediately stop using the service.

  3. The content of the guidelines
    To maintain order, users who leave messages on the bulletin board should abide by the following guidelines. The service reserves the right to delete the users’ messages in case of breach of any of the following:
  • Articles must be free of personal attacks or innuendo on specific figures (objects).
  • Unauthorized diversion of private personal information to other uses is prohibited.
  • Posting of abusive, irrelevant, or meaningless text is prohibited (e.g. the four-letter word, !$^#$*(#!, etc.).
  • Posting of false, fabricated, or unsubstantiated news is prohibited.
  • Posting of remarks that are in violation of the service guidelines or illegal is prohibited.
  • Do not repeatedly post the same comments or post articles and advertisements irrelevant to safety reporting.
  • Posting of unknown sites, download sites, or links is prohibited. Articles of this nature will all be deleted due to security concerns.
  • Posting of contents that contain pornography, advertisements, viruses, and malicious Trojans is prohibited.
  • Personal statements do not represent the position of the board. Comment posters shall bear all the legal responsibility should the law prohibit the comments.